The Key Training Manual

Welcome to the JFW The Key

On this website, you will find:

Available to all (no user login required)

  • Logos (in high and low resolution)
  • Bottle Shots
  • Labels
  • Wine Information Sheets (WIS)
  • Acclaim, Accolade Information
  • Winery Information and Winery Images
  • Winemaker Photos, Information
  • POS
  • Videos
  • Packaging Database

For employees, once logged in, can also access:

  • Education Materials and Reference Documents
  • POS Ordering Site
  • Hospitality Forms
  • Confidential Brand Information


Landing Page

  1. Open Text Search
  2. Login only required for Employee Secure Access
  3. POS Ordering (Employees only)
  4. Access Acclaim Database and Packaging specifications. Employees can also access Hospitality and On Premise look up.

JFW Brand logos arranged in a grid with search and reset buttons below


Selecting Brands

  1. Single Brand - Double-click on the brand name
  2. Multiple Brands - Single-click on each brand name and then click "Search"
  3. All Brands - With no brands selected click "Search"

Select brands by clicking a brand or multiple brands and then click submit


Results Page

  1. Select Brands
  2. Select a Categories
  3. Select Varietals
  4. Select Vintages
  5. Sort by date added or by most popular
  6. Click the image or the "Download" button to view a larger version of the asset and to access download options
  7. Click the "Copy Link" button to access a link you can copy and/or share via email

Results page after search - left side contains filters for brand, varietal, category, and vintage


Image Preview and Download

  1. Click the title to view a larger version
  2. Choose an image size from the select list - options range from smallest to largest
  3. Click "Download" to download the selected size of the image

Image preview modal with larger image, image size selector, and download button


Other Asset Preview and Download

  1. Click the title to view a larger version
  2. Some assets have multiple pages - this toolbar will let you preview each page and zoom in and out
  3. Click "Download" to download the original version of this asset

Other asset modal shows a preview with controls for different pages and zoom


Copy Link Dialog Box

  1. On open, the link should already be selected, you may hit CTRL-C (or CMD-C on a Mac) to copy this link
  2. You may also email this link

Note: Confidential files that are emailed require user log on to view the item

Copy link modal with link to asset and email link buttons